Air Ride From Outer Space?
Not yet, but Air Ride's new LevelPro leveling system is the result of several years of development by hands-on engineers and refinement in real-world vehicles. The LevelPro system uses a unique combination of ride height sensors and air pressure sensors to quickly achieve your selected ride height by comparing the position of the ride height sensor to the air pressure the vehicle is leveled with no cross-loading, which provides more accurate leveling. Its new voltage-based air pressure sensors eliminate EMI interference and grounding problems that can lead to inaccurate pressure readings and ride heights. This new voltage-based sensor has more resolution (accuracy) and quicker response to allow faster and more accurate air pressure presets. It's also smaller in diameter to allow direct installation into Air Ride's RidePro and BigRed solenoid blocks to eliminate remote mounting panels with extra lines and fittings. The LevelPro system has a new VFD (vacuum florescent display) that's easier to see in bright light from any angle compared to an LCD screen. Also, each time your vehicle is started it will automatically go to highway ride height thanks to three one-touch ride height presets accessible from the control panel. These ride heights are programmed by a simple push and hold action similar to programming a radio station preset-no secret sequence of buttons to push. This is just the beginning of the LevelPro's features. Go to Air Ride Technologies' Web site at for more details, or call 812-481-4787.

Tanks A Lot Forever
Can you think of a reason you wouldn't want a stainless steel gas tank in your truck? We can't either, and thanks to Bob Drake Reproductions, Inc. and their new Forever Tank, you can put one in your '38-41 Ford pickup. The Forever Tanks are stainless steel gas tanks with an expanded capacity of 15-plus gallons. They closely resemble the original Ford tank down to its interior baffles. They are manufactured from stamped 304 stainless steel that will not rust or corrode, and they are guaranteed to be leak-free. The Forever Tank is a versatile tank for restorers and street rodders and comes ready for either fuel injection or carburetor systems. It is also equipped with Bob Drake's universal fuel sender flange that allows the installation of original gauges, or many aftermarket sets like VDO and Stewart Warner. For show, the tank can even be buffed to a brilliant shine. For more information and a free 144-page sales catalog of early Ford restoration and hot rod parts, call Bob Drake Reproductions, Inc. at 800-221-3673, or visit

Put The Heat At Your Feet
Waking up to cold winter mornings can be dreadful, but for those who have to venture outdoors in cold weather and wait for a vehicle's heater to kick in, well, that can be a bone-chilling experience. Design Engineering, Inc.'s unique new product, Heater Hotter, is a performance radiator additive that's taking the edge off the cold. It's specially formulated to rapidly absorb heat from the engine and transfer it to the cooling system without raising engine temperatures. Accelerating that transfer of heat means 50 percent faster warm-up to help an engine reach normal operating temperature. This insures hot air is available for interior heat on command, even in sub-zero temperatures. Inside an engine Heater Hotter's exceptional thermal conductivity properties help promote the release of surface tension, or water vapor bubbles, which form near engine hot spots and impede coolant flow. Transferring heat quickly and efficiently can extend the life of a cooling system and, in turn, reduce engine wear and tear. Heater Hotter also includes a corrosion inhibitor that helps stabilize the pH level to help prevent rust, electrolysis, and mineral deposits from forming on the radiator core for long-term protection. Heater Hotter is compatible with all antifreeze mixtures, is safe with all alloys, including aluminum, and is 100 percent biodegradable, water soluble, non-corrosive, and non-toxic. No mixing required; simply add contents to the radiator. For more information on Design Engineering, Inc.'s new line of performance radiator and intercooler additives, visit their Web site at or call 800-264-9472.