Got LS2 pains?
Putting an LS2 in your project and losing sleep over how to control the fuel injection? Now Painless Performance Products takes the guesswork out of your fuel-injection engine installation with their new LS2 harness, which includes all the circuits and computer interface technology needed in a clean and streamlined package. The LS2 harness is built to demanding QS9000 international standards using only the highest-quality TXL high-temperature wire factory-crimped with OEM-type premium tooling. The color-coded and labeled wiring and easy-to-follow instruction manual assures a painless installation. It's designed for use on throttle-by-wire LS2 engines with your OEM computer. Like all Painless harnesses, this LS2 engine harness is guaranteed for life. To make your life painless, contact Painless Performance Products at 800-423-9696 or visit

Get Organized
Snap-on Tools doesn't need much of an introduction when it comes to tools, and they have again proven their ability to create innovative storage solutions that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of America's automotive technicians. Easy customization, durability, and enduring value will make Snap-on's new Classic 96 tool storage roll cab an instant favorite among mechanics and serious home builders. The 24-inch-deep, 72-inch-wide Classic 96 storage center offers a mammoth 31,000 cubic inches of storage space. Its 18 drawers can be configured to almost any way imaginable, with 2-inch mounting centers located throughout the unit. You can even add additional drawers anywhere on the roll cab or top chest to meet your needs and maximize efficiency. Each drawer on the Classic 96 is trimmed in aluminum and equipped with full-width, 3/4-inch pulls to create more space and provide a comfortable pull when opening all those drawers. The storage drawers on the Classic 96 also feature up to 60 percent more spot welds than competitive storage centers, extending the life of the drawers. Snap-on Tools takes the resilience of the Classic 96 a step further with a nine-stage pre-treatment process, followed by a chemical- and scratch-resistant paint. You can choose among several finishes available for the Classic 96 storage center, including e-coat paint in classic Snap-on red, or a powdercoat in royal blue, gloss black, ultra yellow, or deep purple. Find out more about the Snap-on Classic 96 by contacting your local Snap-on representative, visiting, or calling 877-762-7664.

Skinny Mags Are Back
The guys at WheelTech International were getting so many calls from the gasser and nostalgia crowd for the SLT Muscle Mags in a skinny 15-inch front wheel that they went ahead and built one. WheelTech created a 15x4.5 with a 1.75-inch backspace, and it ended up with just enough contour to the front face that it looks true to a period-style skinny slotted mag with plenty of style to match the rears. Now folks with traditional-styled cruisers can have that real big 'n' littles look! The SLT Muscle Mags are also available in 15x4.5, 15x7, 15x8, 15x10, 16x7, 16x8, 17x7, and 17x8. Check 'em out on the Web at or call 951-352-2080 for more info.