So my wheel woes were cured, but I still had to round up some rubber and a new set of hubcaps. For the whitewalls, I went to my one and only source for vintage bias-plies: Coker Tire. Normally, I would have gone with a standard 670-15, but since I wanted to accentuate the lowered suspension, not raise it, I chose to run their 640-15 B.F.Goodrich Silvertowns, which are more than half an inch smaller in diameter and don't have the classic "pie crust" edge, which I didn't want for this application. The 640s have a leaner, cleaner look, which is exactly what I was after. For the 'caps, I simply stopped by Brothers on my way home from work one afternoon and grabbed a set of stainless beauties that for all intents and purposes are exact replicas of the originals.

While my truck still has quite a ways to go before I can call her done, she's sure a lot more easygoing on the road-and the eyes, as well-with her new pair of shoes!