The step up-or down, rather-is the Dropmember C4, designed to offer the same clearance advantages as the standard kit, but outfitted with Corvette suspension and steering instead. The C4 system can be used with either Air Ride Technologies' ShockWaves or a standard-type coilover unit, and is available in two ride height configurations: 4-5 or 5-6 inches. The 4-5 ride height will allow the frame to set on the ground when combined with a ShockWave and a 27-inch-diameter tire; the 5-6 will allow the frame to set 1 inch off the ground with the same setup. Porterbuilt produced the Dropmember C4 with the performance enthusiast in mind.

Neither of the Dropmember systems are simple bolt-ins; while there's not a lot of major fabrication involved other than notching your 'rails (they've done most of the hard stuff for you), there is a lot of work involved, especially with a complete truck that's already on the road. We got a chance to see Nathan and the crew at Porterbuilt equip a '64 C-10 with a standard Dropmember/Strong Arm kit. Follow along and see if you're up to the task-otherwise, give Porterbuilt a call...they'd be more than happy to do it for you!