If you've ever owned a '63-87 Chevy/GMC 1/2-ton, then you know what a headache the stock front crossmember can be if you want to get your truck low. Sure, dropped spindles and springs will easily afford a lowered stance, but if you want to go more than a few inches-which is all you get before that low-slung chunk of metal that holds the control arms in place starts getting closer and closer to the pavement-then you need to start thinking about adding air springs. But even with the addition of 'bags and tubular control arms, there's still a lot of stuff hanging below the framerails. When your truck's just sittin' still, lookin' pretty, that's OK-but not when you're maneuvering around town.

After spending some time perfecting everything, Nathan Porter's Porterbuilt Street Rods in Mesa, Arizona, came up with the perfect solution for the problematic '63-87 C-10s: The Dropmember IFS. Available in two versions-the standard kit, which uses either stock or Air Ride Technologies' Strong Arms, and the Dropmember C4, which, as the name suggests, utilizes Corvette C4 components-Porterbuilt's system is currently the only alternative to Z'ing the frame or sectioning the stock crossmember in order to achieve sufficient clearance between the control arms and the ground. Both Dropmember kits eliminate the stock steering box and linkage, replacing them with a high-performance rack-and-pinion unit. Using Strong Arms is recommended, but for those who want to retain the stock control arms, they will require modifications to accept airbags (the '63-72 lowers will require slight modification for mounting to the Dropmember). Porterbuilt altered the stock suspension geometry (including narrowing the track width by 2 inches) to achieve better handling characteristics, so you not only get the look, you also get the performance. By using the standard Dropmember along with 3-inch dropped spindles, you can put the framerails on the ground with a 29-inch-tall tire. The basic kit includes the fully welded Dropmember, inner framerail plates, control arm/'bag mounts, rack-and-pinion mounting bushings, and all the necessary hardware (a complete kit also includes Strong Arms, 'bags, shocks, and rack-and-pinion).