Work smarter, not harder
Had enough of wimpy valve spring compressors? At last there's an easy-to-use manual valve spring compressor sturdy enough to carry the Powerhouse Products name! Built to handle the high-rate valve springs used on today's high-performance engines, the Powerhouse Products heavy-duty manual spring compressor features a welded steel box-tubing frame and utilizes an over-center-type clamping device that can compress any valve spring. The Powerhouse heavy-duty manual valve spring compressor features a compressor arm that slides up and down, allowing a full range of adjustment. A quick-release locking pin is used for speed and ease of use. As an added bonus, this unique spring compressor can be purchased with an optional base that holds the unit upright so the compressor can be used in conjunction with a mini spring tester. For more information about the heavy-duty manual valve spring compressor, call 800-872-7223, or visit

The heat is on
Do you have a hard time talking over the heater fan in your truck that makes more noise than rocks in a blender? Well, SPAL centrifugal blowers provide a high-performance solution to heating, cooling, and ventilating cars, trucks, off-highway equipment, and other mobile applications. Their high-efficiency blowers are low-profile, lightweight, and easy to install where space is limited, and are available in 12-volt, 24-volt, single-, and double-wheel blowers to suit most any HVAC system. Despite their trim design, they're rugged and well suited for any application. SPAL blowers are dynamically balanced to ensure low vibration and quiet operation. SPAL offers single-, three-, and four-speed versions, as well as a selection of adjustable rectangular and circular louvers to complete any system design. Check out their recently introduced waterproof/dustproof blower assemblies. Call 800-345-0327 or click onto SPAL's Web site for more details at

Get Bent
So you just don't feel quite right doing what everyone else has already done, huh? Maybe you have a '47-53 Chevy or GMC truck and want to do something different and cool? How about a one-piece windshield for your hauler? Harmons Chevrolet Restoration Parts now has this great upgrade to replace the original two-piece windshield. The new one-piece windshield features a unique V-bend and is available in clear or a green tint; both have a blue tint band at the top. There are also two different rubber gaskets if you want to run it without the chrome reveal. Get a hold of Harmons today at 800-851-2433 or visit