Surprise your feet and your friends
Have you forgotten what your truck's carpet or floor mat is supposed to look like? If so, then it's about time to replace that stuff you're always spilling drinks on and rubbing dirt and grease into! A set of Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. custom-cut carpet or floor mats will make your truck feel new again! They have over 200 original colors to choose from in eight different materials to suit your needs. ACC also offers over 150 licensed embroidered logos to customize if you wish. You can go traditional or mix and match the carpet and binding material to create a mat that is just your style. Visit Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. at to view all new applications added daily or call 800-352-8216 and tell 'em CLASSIC TRUCKS sent ya!

Do it with DeVilbiss
The StartingLine by DeVilbiss Auto Painting and Priming System from the Eastwood Company is a complete gun kit to spray all of your primers, colors, and clears. The set features two full-size HVLP spray guns that cut down on wasted paint, one with a 1.3mm tip for all of your color and clearcoats, and another with a 1.8mm tip for primers and sprayable body fillers. The StartingLine kit also includes a 1.5mm tip, two 20oz. aluminum cups, an air regulator, cleaning brushes, a wrench for easy disassembly, and an organizer/storage case that holds everything. Included is a one year manufacturer's warranty from DeVilbiss. Start getting professional-level results today-contact Eastwood at 800-343-9353 or visit

Go For Your Guns!
Barry Grant's company, Triple-D Induction, has just introduced their SixShooter induction for Ford 302ci engines. By combining three 250-cfm two-barrel carbs (choke on center unit), a new aluminum intake manifold, and a polished Rush Performance air cleaner, the SixShooter matches and outperforms today's best single four-barrel combinations. With carbs turned rearward-like the originals-to clear the distributor, this triple two-barrel induction system is beautifully crafted, nostalgic in appearance, and easy to install and tune. The SixShooter features just three adjustment screws-no synchronization needed. This kit also comes with fuel inlets and throttle linkages, including a special right-side crossover mechanism. For more power and economy, contact Demon Carburetion, 706-864-8544;

Lock It Up or Suck It Up
If you're running a Chevy Turbo 350, 200-4R, 700-R4, or 4L60 automatic, your lockup torque converter was designed to be fully locked up for maximum efficiency. Full lockup allows no slippage with much less transmission wear and better mileage, and who doesn't want that these days? Converters were made to be locked up by the factory's ECM, so Ron Francis came up with a solution that will only take you about 30 minutes to install. There is no reason to remove the pan or modify anything. Your vehicle's speed is read through the speedometer cable adapter, and you can set the lockup speed anywhere you want it. It's all electronically controlled. The converter unlocks whenever you go below the lockup speed or if you hit the brakes. Comes pre-set for you at between 42-47 mph, but you can adjust it to your favorite cruising speed. Better gas mileage is only a simple adjustment away. For more information, contact Ron Francis Wiring or one of their dealers at Ron Francis Wiring 800-292-1940;

New Binders For Your Pony
Make sure your Mustang II-sprung truck keeps up with all the hot rods headed for extreme duty or a day at the track with Wilwood's big new four-piston forged Superlite calipers, high cooling efficiency GT-series directional rotors, and lightweight aluminum hats mounted on super-strong forged billet hubs. Does that sound competition-ready or what? Wilwood's new front brake kit is configured for use on the popular '74-80 Pinto and '74-78 Mustang II disc brake spindles. BP-10 compound "Smart Pads" provide quiet engagement and low dust performance on the street, with fast response, superb friction, and high resistance to fade for those hot braking sessions at the track or in congested traffic. This entire package fits neatly inside a variety of 15-inch or larger rims, including the Trigo pin drive adapters and 15-inch knockoff-style Cobra wheels. Bolt-on caliper mounts, new wheel bearings, seals, premium-grade hardware, and alignment shims are all included for an easy installation. As you'd expect from a kit like this, it meets all sanctioning body rules in categories requiring four-piston calipers and a maximum 12.25-inch rotor diameter. Buckle up and call your Wilwood dealer at 805-388-1188 or go to

It's Ok To Play With Dollies
Have you ever had to maneuver any type of project car or truck around with it teetering on a floorjack as you try to slide it in the corner of the garage? If you have or ever plan to, it's time to step it up! LMC Truck now exclusively offers the Extra Heavy-Duty Truck Dolly Set. These dollies make it easy for one person to move a car, truck, or SUV forward, backward, or even sideways into a tight spot. The Extra Heavy-Duty Dolly Set is rated at 7,000 pounds and can support any vehicle up to 3/4-ton. Each dolly platform is painted black and made of sturdy 1/4-inch-thick mild steel, measures 12x16 inches and mounts 3-inch ball bearing casters. Each non-marring composite caster has a swivel ball bearing and two deep groove ball bearings, which make each move nice and easy, and each dolly is equipped with one brake for safety. Just one of the thousands of great products from LMC. LMC Truck, 800-LMC-TRUCK;

Hit the books
Rifling around a bunch of thick, old, often greasy, dilapidated repair manuals can be tricky and aggravating when you're up to your elbow in parts that somehow don't have a home upon reassembly. Now you can print out what you need before you head out to the garage thanks to Detroit Iron Information Systems putting what you need on CD-ROM. Detroit Iron is licensed by each company to reproduce and sell factory service, parts, and electrical manuals on CD-ROM for '72 and older GM and '79 and older Chrysler, Ford, and Jeep cars and trucks. Not only that, but they have friendly customer support and great prices. Their goal is not to replace the need for all those neat old books but to allow those fragile assets not to be lost and worn out. By having all the required factory-original paper books on CD, you not only save time, you also save money. If you are lucky enough to have all the paper books, why take a chance? With Detroit Iron Information Systems CD manuals, your fragile paper books can be kept in pristine condition. Detroit Iron Information Systems, 800-893-8122;