Gold Suede Hues
The photography might not do justice in revealing the actual "finish" on the '75 C-10. While both the PPG California Gold Metallic and Oxford White are sealed in clear, the final finish of each is a difference of night and day. For reasons still "unclear" to many, the main color was always intended to have a "suede" or matte finish. The easiest way to achieve this is by leaving the basecoat as-is, but the problem is that the paint is not protected, thus would not remain that way for long. The other realistic approaches are to either flatten regular clear (adding a flattening agent), color-sand the glossy clear down in grit succession until the finish is the desired sheen, or do like we did and seal the color with a clear like PPG's Flexed 'N' Flat, which was originally designed for use on things like Mercedes bumpers and side panels. Reduced properly (the more reducer used, the shinier the finish), the outcome is perfect suede. The best part is, the finish will last as long as you take care of it--washing, spray-waxing, etc.--which is something that can't be said for primer or non-cleared finishes.

1990 E. La Cadena, Dept. CT
CA  92501