It should be noted that Accumat has AMT05 that's a perforated vinyl, making an ideal exposed headliner. Since we are planning on covering the inside of the roof with headliner material we opted to use AMT045.

Next up was the use of AMT250 that measures .250 inches thick, is a two-layer product, and comes in a 24x27 inch panels or 1-foot squares. It's ideal for floor pans, transmission tunnels, and in the case of our Suburban, the rear cargo area. Because it's thicker it keeps out even more noise but has the desirable side-affect of yielding a padded feel. While working on our knees within the truck interior it became immediately apparent how comfortable it is. This added padding affect will also prove beneficial later on during the tucks normal operation.

Experience with this product has also shown, through the use of a heat-temperature gun, which the AMT250 will keep measurable quantities of heat from getting into the interior. Again, another plus when driving, especially on long drives or in hot climes.

Both the AMT045 and the AMT250 are peel and stick in application. The 045 can be easily cut with a pair of heavy duty scissors, razor, or like cutting tool, while the 250, being thicker, will require a bit more careful approach but is still easily cut.

It's best to clearly map out where you want the material to final rest and cut precisely before attempting the installation. The adhesive backing is just that-adhesive, and willimmediately stick and can prove a bit difficult when trying to remove from an unwanted area. With the Accumat on the floor, side panels, and roof it was time to move to the next step.

What's left on the interior? Well, next month we will finish up with part two that deals with carpeting, a color change on the door and side panels, and a few interior trim pieces. Stay tuned for these goodies.

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