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Classic Ford Truck Restoration

If you own a Ford truck, then you undoubedly have had a few technical questions. Below you’ll find technical articles on Ford trucks can can help you with restoration, modification, & upgrade issues.
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1956 Ford F-100 - Mopar To Ya!
Chevy has pretty much dominated the world of aftermarket motors. The tried-and-true 350 can be found in many an engine compartment, both of the GM persuasion as well as in "enemy territory," and is... more
Parts Department - July 2014
Check out these parts for your classic truck!... more
How to Lay a Truck Rug Like A Pro
"Just sweep it under the carpet." It's an old expression that's more of a metaphor for hiding one's sins from public discovery than it is a tech tip.... more
Classic Cruisers - 1979 Ford F-100 Lariat
Check out this reader's 1979 Ford F-100 Lariat!... more
1956 Ford F-100 - Big Red
It was the drive and vision of Steve Meister that brought this awesome 1956 big window into existence.... more
Professor Hammer - July 2014
Ron Covell helps a reader fabricate rear fenders for Willys pickups.... more
Installing Lokar's Ford AOD Cable Kit
The popularity of the Ford AOD transmission is well known. That extra gear on the highway is a real nice thing, and if you plan on driving your truck daily or quite often, then an AOD transmission... more
1968 Chevy C10 Fleetside - The Space Race
Not like one's weird uncle Fred or their irritating aunt Alice, but everything in life is relative.... more
Parts Department - June 2014
Take a look at this month's must-have truck parts!... more
Ford FE Smog-Legal Horsepower - Part II
If you're thinking the 1976 Ford F-250 featured on these pages looks a little familiar, you're right.... more

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1956 ford p/u rear end
what is the ideal GM rear axle with drum brakes for the 1956 ford p/u. would like to run an 8 or... more
Best way to hook up modern stereo in 1977 Ford truck
there is a RED wire that can connect to the original power wire to the ford radio.. there is an... more
Need to sell My Ford Ranchero - 1963
I need to sell my Ford Ranchero. My Ford having 6 cylinder engine, gasoline fuel, 56,000 mi... more
Doing a chassis swap from my 1940 Ford 1/2 ton to an S-10
Has anyone managed to complete a chassis swap on a 1940 ford truck 1/2 to an s-10 small block Chevy... more
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