Riz, Lately I have been rereading my old car and truck mags and I started to reminisce about all the cars and trucks I have owned, built, and unfortunately sold over the years. You see, I’m just a poor working stiff whose life has, on occasion, kicked me around real good, often forcing the sale of these vehicles for the much needed money. Recently had to sell a 1970 Chevy C10 due to my wife going into the hospital (bill $254,000). I have owned over 50 cars and trucks over the years and due to one circumstance or another have always had to part with these loved treasures, sometime even before they were finished. So to all of those who build, drive, work on, and admire your classic vehicles, keep it up. For all those who condemn, ridicule, or dis someone else’s ride, shut the heck up. Our rides may not be perfect, they may even be pieces of crap to some, but I’m doing what I love and will continue to build and drive classics until the day I die. Hey, you never know, one day I may even be able to finish one.

T. Smith
Via email

Mr. Smith, First of all I hope all is well with your wife’s health at this point. That said I can really relate to your situation in general. Most all of us blue-collar classic truckers have experienced similar situations. I know in my case the build is the best part of the hobby, and in order to continue, I always have to sell a completed project in order to start a new one since it’s the only way to finance the next build. Luckily though, it’s been rare that I’ve had to sell one of my projects or completed vehicles due to an actual budgetary emergency though. It sounds as though you’ve not given up hope and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more classic truck projects in your future – and finished ones at that. RIZ