C’mon Jim, seriously. I understand you are just doing part of your job plugging for companies who advertise in your magazine, but this is really getting a little crazy (reproduction Chevy cabs). Do you really think they are “far less than you would invest in a shaky old rust bucket?” Whatever happened to the days of doing everything yourself? I will keep my “barnyard survivor” and my sense of accomplishment my son and I are gaining by not buying every new product that comes out to benefit some shop. Geez, if I had an extra $7,000 lying around, I would finish my truck! I do enjoy most things you put out though. Thank you.

Via email

Hi JT, thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. The availability of reproduction cabs are basically for those less talented or have less time to spend in the garage than you or I. Don’t forget, there’s a ton of folks out there that love old trucks, but have way more money than time or skill. Those of us that do should be able to determine what stories pertain to us busted knucklers and which are aimed at those less skilled.

That said, thanks for writing! RIZ

Riz, I’ve got a ’58 Chevy Fleetside long bed. I’m looking into paint options and seriously considering a flat finish. I’m looking for info on paint brands, paint types colors/quality etc., clearcoat options, application, care, and maintenance. When I purchased the truck a couple of years ago, I “test” subscribed to several truck mags. Classic Trucks met my needs and more.

Bill O’Dell
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Hello Bill, when it comes to paint and body supplies I’m hooked on products and materials from two sources, the Eastwood Company and Summit Racing Equipment. Both companies offer everything you’d need to repair, prep, and paint a classic truck. Both offer high-gloss finishes as well as flat and semi-gloss finishes too. I suggest taking a few minutes and checking out the offerings from both companies at www.eastwood.com and www.summitracing.com. You’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. RIZ