Riz, my current ride is a ’60 Chevy shortbed Fleetside. It’s my daily-driver, and I’m upgrading as time and money allows. One thing I’d like to do in the near future is change over the original point-type ignition to a GM electronic unit. However, I’ve seen a few trucks with this modification in which the owners had beaten a dent into the firewall so the distributor would clear. Now, I don’t want to go beating up my truck just so I can fit in an electronic distributor. Doesn’t GM make a pointless ignition that has a smaller diameter? If so, where can I get one?

Rick Ward
Duryea, PA

Rick, unfortunately, the GM HEI is not available in a compact configuration (at least, not yet). But don’t despair, there’s an easy and inexpensive way for you to reap the benefits of an electronic ignition and still keep your early point-type distributor in place—and your firewall unaltered! The product of which I speak is called the Pertronix Ignitor. It’s a solid-state electronic ignition module that can be used to replace the original point set in nearly any automotive (or industrial, for that matter) distributor. Believe it or not, the Ignitor is one of the performance automotive aftermarket’s best-kept secrets, and has been around for about the last 20 years. I was first introduced to the product by the folks in my local Corvair club (CORSA). At their insistence I replaced the points in my ’64 Monza coupe with one of the units, and I was instantly impressed! So much so, I’ve since installed ’em in every point-type distributor I’ve had. The Ignitor is manufactured by Pertronix Performance Products, you can give ’em a call at 909-599-5955, or check ’em out on the web at www.pertronix.com. Hope this helps. RIZ