Riz, I’m starting a complete restoration of a ’66 F-100 and the frame is off at the powdercoat shop as we speak. I would like to know if you have any info on installing a 700-R4 auto tranny in an older truck without a computer on board. Is an aftermarket, modified tranny the way to go? Any help or info you can give me would be a great leap in the right direction! Thank you.


Via email

Dennis, if I were contemplating the 700-R4 for a classic truck I’d use the Transmission Performance kit from GM Performance Parts (PN 24502513). The kit includes an instruction sheet, a throttle valvespring, a normally closed fourth-gear clutch switch, and a wiring connector for the torque converter. With this kit, you can install a 700-R4 or even a 4L60 automatic in non-computer-controlled classic truck. You can special order the kit through any GM dealer. Good luck with your project!