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Jim, I have a ’39 Chevy pickup and want to turn it into a daily driver. I bought a ’96 Corvette from an insurance auction for the engine and suspension. I want to marry the two. I wonder if someone has ever done that and if they can give me some advice and shortcuts.

I want to start with the front-end suspension and work my way to the back. The framerails are about 5 inches narrower than in the Corvette. Should I take a section out or buy one of the aftermarket kits from Flat-Out Engineering?

I know I have my work cut out and this is not a few-weeks project, but wouldn’t it be cool to see and hear a ’39 pickup tearing up the tarmac.


Gerrit van Kempen

Hi Gerrit. If I were you, I’d bite the bullet and go with the Flat-Out kit. It may be a bit more of an investment than you were planning on, but Donny, the gent who developed the kit, has done all the engineering and troubleshooting for ya. I think when all is said and done you’ll be glad you went with his kit rather than doing it on your own—that is unless you’re a mechanical engineer. Best of luck! RIZ