Jim, I enjoyed your article on hanging the sheetmetal on your ’57 Chevy. I have a ’67 C10 and remember you saying you’ve tried other vendors for sheetmetal. My question is, have you ever tried Sherman sheetmetal? If so, what are your views on it? My truck has a six-cylinder and three-on-the-tree, and I want to put a 5.7L with the 4L60E tranny in it. I have a ’95 Chevy Sport Van that has been wrecked and I want to use its parts. I want to overhaul the engine. Any hints on my project. I’ll take any help you will give.

Via e-mail

Hi Wayne, As a matter of fact I’ve used Sherman replacement panels on a few ’65-66 Mustangs in years past with good results. But, I have to say that the panels I’ve been using on the ’57 (from LMC Truck) have been the best fitting and most accurately formed panels I’ve ever used.

Your C10 project sounds great, the 5.7/4L60E combo is a great choice of motorvation, and having a donor vehicle will make the swap that much easier since you’ll not only have access to most of the components you’ll need, but you’ll be able to see just how they are installed as a reference for reinstallation in the C10. Best of luck, keep us in the loop as to how it progresses. RIZ

Riz, We were totally surprised, delighted, and blown away to find our ’64 C10 in the Reader’s Ride section of the July issue. What a high to have our truck selected among the many submissions you must receive! We will cherish that issue for a long, long time. I can’t wait to take the issue down to the local VFW to show the guys (I’m a social member, not a Vet). Thank you for the opportunity to do that.

CT is my favorite magazine and you have a lot to do with that. I like the direction you have taken CT. I look forward to receiving it for many years to come.

Now we just need some decent weather so we can get the truck out and enjoy it. Lousy spring so far this year in western Ohio.

Best regards,
Brian & Claudia Wilcox

Hi Folks, I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised to see your Chevy in Classic Trucks. We indeed get hundreds of submissions and truly wish we could run ’em all, but with page restraints we have to be a bit stingy in that respect. That said, I will do my best to showcase as many readers’ trucks as I can from now on. Just keep in mind that I’m not able to do it in every issue but will whenever the opportunity arises.

Now when it comes to the weather … that’s a bit above my pay grade. RIZ

Jim, I have a story about you. I was getting a windshield replaced today and was reading the latest copy of your magazine, the guy who was doing the work came out and asked what I was reading. I showed him the cover of it and added that I knew the editor. He said that the magazine was good when you were the editor but when you left it went downhill so he let his subscription run out. I told him that you were again the editor of the magazine and he asked me if I had one of those blow-in cards from my copy so he could once again get a subscription! So not to give you a big head or anything, but a lot of people think you are doing a good job with it. I also agree, but have a suggestion, when you could, why don’t you give some indication of price on some of the pieces that you have in the tech articles. It would be helpful when we are trying to figure out budgets. Anyway, thought I would share this with you, hope to run into you at some point.

Sandy Laneri
Via e-mail

Hi Sandy, thanks loads for passing on your experience, I’ll do my best to hold the swelling of my head to a minimum. I like your idea. As a matter of fact, I’ve tried it in the past with the only feedback coming from the guys who were afraid their wives might see just what kind of dough they were dropping on their toys, so that info kinda fell by the wayside. But what the heck—might as well give it a try one more time. I’m thinking of a source box type of thing with part numbers and the retail parts price at the time. Anyway, thanks again for the suggestion, it’s always great to hear from ya as well! RIZ

(For the sake of full disclosure, Sandy’s an old friend and customer of mine back from my days as a GM parts counter salesman in Connecticut.)