Riz, Sometimes I feel like you are standing right beside me when I am working on my old clunker; imagine my surprise when I opened my June issue to see your article “ Nose Job,” and you explaining step-by-step how to put this monster back together. I can only wonder just how much you scratched your head on this one because this is exactly where I’m at on my build with my ’55 Chevy. It really helped me out when I started my assembly. Hell, I dismantled my truck and still had a hard time remembering how it went back together. This isn’t the first time you helped me out with my build, and I can only say “Thank you!” I look forward to every issue of Classic Trucks and Custom Classic Trucks each month, it’s my lifeline to the outside world of restoration, building tips, welding tips, and aftermarket parts. I can’t imagine doing the restoration without you. I am 52 and this is my first restoration, so naturally I had to do a complete body-off restoration. I am not one of those guys who likes to do things the easy way; sometimes I am my own worst enemy. But after two years and a lot of sweat I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I would love to see how you would put an ididit steering column in one of these trucks in the near future. Who knows, when I get to that part of the build you may surprise me again. So far you’re batting a thousand.

Ronnie Prevatt

Savannah, GA

Hi Ronnie, I’m happy my ramblings are of help! Best of luck with your project, as well. Oh yeah, I will be doing a column install in the near future—I only hope my timing is right and it ends up being a bit of help to ya. RIZ