Riz, Keep up the great work, Jim. I am almost even with you on a ’56 Stepside build. Your project is fun to watch. What are you looking at for the parking brake? Or are you? Parts for the old system are not available after the rear cables are hooked up. My brackets, levers that attach to the crossmember are missing. Are there any reasonable aftermarket levers (floor) and cable kits available? Are any salvage parts adaptable? Thanks.

Kent Funk 

Aberdeen, Idaho

Hi Kent, Yeah, I am going to use a parking brake on this one (between you and me it’ll be the first time in a while that I’ve included an e-brake in a project, though). The new brake conversion from Classic Performance Products that I used has provisions for the original lever. In your case there are a couple of options. You could go with an aftermarket setup like the one from Lokar, or I’m pretty sure OEM-style components are available through LMC Truck as well as other truck resto outlets. I’m confident you’ll find what ya need. RIZ

Hi Jim, Until six months ago, I was an avid reader of Street Rodder magazine. Then I came across a great deal on a ’55 Ford pickup and ’53 Ford pickup parts donor; I jumped at the chance to purchase them. Then I started to look at the magazine rack for some truck ideas and came across Classic Trucks magazine.

The very first issue that I looked at had an article on Cordoba/Volare frontends installed in mid-’50s Ford pickups. The ’55 pickup that I purchased already had a Cordoba frontend installed, disc brakes and all. I was ecstatic!

When I picked up my April copy of CT I was very pleased to find an article on installing power brakes with an underdash-mounted swinging brake assembly. The setup looked just like the unit I had in three boxes that came with the ’55. I read the article and decided this is something that I can do myself, which is just what I am doing.

I love your magazine! Keep up the great tech pieces.

Bill Martin

Hamilton, MT

Bill, if the kit you got along with your project is indeed the same CPP kit I used you’ll be extremely pleased. That was one of the easiest conversions I’d done in a while. Best of luck on your build; keep us in the loop as to how it progresses! RIZ

Jim, I am currently enjoying the articles on the build of your ’57 Chevy. I have a ’55 Chevy that I have had for about 16 years and have unfortunately allowed it to sit. I have decided this year that I am ready to take the project on. There are some things that I can do and other things that I know are out of my comfort zone. Your articles have given me some good ideas as I begin the project. I am starting with almost exactly what your truck looked like in the opening article. Please keep up the series on this, and I will keep reading!

Tom Parker

Chantilly, VA 

Hello Tom, I’m glad you’re enjoying CT—especially since you’re restarting your project. I know lots of my tech is not step-by-step, but that’s what manufacturer’s instruction sheets are for anyway. As long as I can both motivate my readers to try things themselves and to offer a bit of entertainment at the same time I’ve accomplished my aim. Have fun redoing your ’55! RIZ