My March issue of CT came in the mail today, and I had a chance to read your comments in Driver’s Seat.Yup, you are not alone; enough is never enough!I’ve been into old cars and trucks since I was a kid, but the bug really hit me in the early ’80s when my brother began construction of a ’34 Ford sedan delivery street rod. I was hooked. I latched onto a running, stock ’38 Chevy and started rodding it. About two years later I saw an ad in Hemmings for a ’69 SS396 El Camino and convinced myself to have it shipped from California to New Jersey so I could recreate the ’69 L78 that I special ordered in the summer of 1968 but sold during the oil embargo. While these two projects were underway, my brother finished his ’34 and was having fun cruising, so I bought a done (which we all know is never really true) ’29 Ford sedan delivery to join him. Then, while at one of the early NSRA Burlington (Vermont) shows, I came across a rare ’42 GMC pickup that was looking for a new home. So I came back to New Jersey, hooked up my car trailer to the El Camino, trucked up to a remote area of Canada, and towed it home. Now I’m up to four and haven’t sold anything. Along the way, I got the reputation of being a car and truck nut (don’t know how that happened), so people are always telling me about this or that for sale. Three more old truck cabs, two rolling chassis, parts up the wazoo, a ’55 Chevy sedan delivery, and a ’37 Ford car body later, and my property looks like one of those paintings you see advertised in the magazines. Why the ’37 Ford? As a retired shop teacher, when I hit the lottery, I will have what I need to start a ’37 woody wagon! But it doesn’t end there. Always the inquisitive type, one night I’m searching eBay to see what kind of sedan deliveries are out there and I came across an interesting looking ’56. I put in a below average bid and went to bed. You guessed it ... The next morning I get up to find I’m the new owner. What’s the status as of today? The ’38 and the ’42 are still apart and nowhere close to being done. I finally sold the ’29, gave the ’55 to a friend, and the ’56 is undergoing surgery right now, because while it looked good on eBay you know the story. Yup, Riz, you are definitely not alone.

George Collict

Randolph, NJ

Well guys, Looks like I’m saved. I’m not the only one afflicted! Thanks to everyone who got back to me; I wish I had room to print ’em all. I can’t wait to have Candy sit down and read ’em!

Best Regards, RIZ