In the November '10 issue of CLASSIC TRUCKS in your article covering the Goodguys 13th Colorado Nationals picture 12 of a closed-cab '34 Ford you said: "Though they're out-of-bounds yearwise for full coverage in CLASSIC TRUCKS (don't ask me why ...)." I know it says don't ask, but I would like to know! The name of the magazine is CLASSIC TRUCKS not Classic Trucks from 1950-1972 or some such thing. I subscribed to your magazine quite a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I've learned quite a bit for my project, which has just started serious work-a '34 Dodge humpback sedan delivery that is getting the full treatment, including a Ram SRT10 (Viper) powertrain. I'm disappointed to see what you wrote. But, my real question is why? Why limit to any model years? If it's a cool classic truck, then why not run the story no matter what the year?

Thanks for listening, and I hope you, or whoever sets the policy, changes their mind.
Charlie Brown II

First of all I'm happy CT has been helpful and entertaining for you. As far as the year break is concerned, it's an unwritten rule that's been around for years. I think it's so the pre-'40 trucks are saved for sister publications like STREET RODDER and Rod & Custom. Though, I do occasionally forget about the rule and let an earlier year truck into an issue now and then-but don't tell the boss.

Keep me in the loop as to your progress on the panel; I'd love to see it when it's complete.