The first to arrive were Classic Performance Products, Heidts, and No Limit Engineering catalogs, then came ones from Total Cost Involved, as well as a couple of others. And, as I stated earlier, every one of them really did offer units that weren't polished or plated like the ones they showcased in their magazine ads, and every one of them were, in varying degrees, much less expensive than the top-of the-line items in the ads. To make a long story short, I ended up dumping the clip and ordering a Mustang II-style crossmember kit from one of the aforementioned advertisers. A set of control arms and spindles from the local swap meet were added, along with brake components and a remanufactured rack from the local NAPA store to finish it off. I was then able to replace my frontend without cutting up my original frame, and I ended up with a great handling, nice riding front suspension setup for under $1,500!

You see, you can build an affordable classic truck using components found between the covers of CT. Pay attention to the ads and catalog; nearly everyone offers kits and components for those of us with limited budgets!