A lady phoned us today to renew our CLASSIC TRUCKS subscription. We told her "no thanks," as we own a Dodge truck and most of your stories and pictures are regarding Fords and Chevrolets. We would like to see more stories and pictures showing Dodge trucks, but I guess that won't happen as we won't be renewing our subscription. We hope you change and start showing more Dodge trucks.

Walt and Lorraine Musial
Via email

Geez, sorry to hear you've given up on us. Though, I guess I can understand your frustration. We don't showcase anywhere near the number of Dodges as we'd like. We're old truck fans period; we hold no preference for Chevys or Fords. It's just that there's not that many Dodges around in relation to the number of Fords and Chevys. Heck, my personal daily driver is a Dodge, and I've been after a local gent to sell his '50 Dodge to me for years (with no luck). That said, I'd love it if all you Dodge, IH, and Studebaker owners would start sending me pictures of your trucks so I could share 'em with the rest of our readers-but I'll bet I get one Dodge for every 500 Fords and Chevys! I guess it boils down to this: How can we show 'em to you if nobody shows 'em to us?

Anyway, I'm sorry to see ya go. I hope you do continue to enjoy your Dodge-and I'll continue to keep my eyes open for Dodges to run in CT as well.