Dear Jim,
Sorry for being so casual, but this is a casual subject. I am writing about your new project the '57 small window. I started on the same project approximately three to four years ago. Due to the economy (i.e. loss of job) my project has stalled. Sometimes (probably most times) things happen for a good reason. What I mean is because of my financial change I had to re-evaluate my project or give it up ... Not! So instead of doing a resto-mod using a TCI rolling chassis, buying maybe a crate engine, and in general having others do the custom work for me. I have now had to put an IFS and four-bar rear suspension by doing it myself (with welding help from a pro), and using 5.3L Vortex matched with its original transmission from a wreck, and using the original bench seat rather than a custom or undated Chevrolet Silverado pickup with integrated seatbelts. I was already planning on it being a "daily driver" with nice updated electronics, A/C, better sound/heat proofing (à la Dynamat), Autowire Classic Update wiring. I had the bodywork done on the cab (cab corners, hinges pockets, smoothed firewall, and gas tank opening) and the interior has been painted. So really I am going down the same road just more independently and more hands on than originally planned. And discovering just what I can really do in my own garage if I want to badly enough.

I hope you really expose your build process so we can see every phase, and let us know why you decided to use the items you did. It'd also be nice if you'd touch on other possible choices beyond the donated items from your advertising connections, because most of us in the real world can't get those, but still produce some nice, unique, individualized trucks.

I also should say I have learned a lot from your magazine. I am not a gearhead but am capable. I am willing to research and work at it too. Thanks for the great articles, pictures, and advertisements as well.
Michael Church
San Jose, California

Hello Michael, Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. It sounds as though you've got yourself a nice project going, and you've provided a great example of overcoming common obstacles-mainly the lack of funds we all experience. I'm happy you decided to alter your plan rather than putting it on hold or giving up totally.

Regarding my project, I'll do my best to show as much of the build as I can. The hardest part is finding the time to cover as much of it as possible while still meeting magazine deadlines, travel commitments, finances, and family life-in other words the same concerns we all have while building our classic trucks. In the coverage I do show in CT I'll try to be as specific as possible covering the items you mentioned. And keep in mind that I'm no professional builder either, just a rodder working out of a home garage like the rest of us. If you do have some specific questions in the future don't hesitate to drop me an email-I'll try and answer them to the best of my ability.