I would also like to let you know how great it is to see articles like the $1,000 low-buck small-block in the April '10 issue. Perfect article for the average Joe trying to raise a family and play with an old truck. I would love to even see some more details on picking out a motor from a junkyard (you guys kind of skipped over that). So please keep writing articles that cater to the guy who builds a truck in a garage that is overcrowded with kid's bikes and the wife's Christmas decorations. I enjoy seeing the cubic dollar rides put out by professional builders but unless I win the lottery, it will always be a balance between groceries, kid's shoes, and items for the truck I love to play with.

Thanks again for a great magazine,

Thanks for giving me an honest chance before packin' it in! Rob is a tough act to follow (in more ways than one, believe me) and just happens to be one of my closest friends as well-so I knew I'd have my hands full taking over his seat.

The parts store thing was something that's always bothered me a bit so it felt good getting it off my chest. Though I bet (hope?) that after a few years experience the parts people I was razzing will become more experienced and gradually become the "old hands" we prefer dealing with. Your used engine idea is a good one; I'll have to work on a version of that in the near future!

Thanks for dropping me a line, I appreciate your input!