For enthusiasts who want to add a vintage atmosphere to their garage, workshop, library, or den, Coker Tire Company has the perfect products. As part of its licensing agreement with Michelin Lifestyle Limited, Coker has developed and is marketing a wide variety of officially branded Michelin Collection aftermarket garage and personal accessories, apparel, high-end memorabilia, and collectibles featuring Michelin heritage art and logos.

The Bibendum Collector's Series is currently comprised of three distinctive reproductions of original "Bibendum" Michelin Man figures, with plans for future additions to follow. First in the series is a faithful reproduction of the popular Standing Bib statue Michelin originally distributed during the 1920s to its U.S. dealers to help draw customers into its stores. This Bibendum figure stands approximately 32 inches tall and is made of poly resin. It is hand-painted and detailed to match the original versions, which have become highly sought-after collectibles.

Second in the series is a unique pose familiar to Michelin enthusiasts. This Mr. Bib figure was originally located atop the small Michelin air compressors of the 1920s and '30s era. In this reproduction of the rare design, the Collector's Series Bib has been modified to sit atop a stack of tires and holds a wrench proudly proclaiming his love of all things automotive. This poly resin figure is 8 1/2x6 1/2 inches, adding a great bit of nostalgia to any dcor and making a terrific addition to a collector's or dealer's office.

The newest addition to the series is a modified version of the '60s and '70s-era countertop-standing Bib figure. At 13 1/2 inches tall, this well-recognized Bib stands proudly atop a Michelin tire that features an actual vintage Michelin tread design. Also molded of poly resin, this Bib features a hand-painted, antiqued finish assuring no two pieces are exactly alike. The "Bib on Tire" figure is a must for any Michelin or Bibendum collection.

A complete selection of currently available Michelin Collection items, including banks, key chains, vintage postcards, lapel pins, a 1953 stake-bed delivery die-cast truck, caps, mugs, glasses and more, are available online through the company's easy-to-use Web site at