Intro To "Sixology"Whether you're into the nostalgia of the hot rodding world or looking to make more power with your inline-six, California Bill's Automotive Handbooks has a resource for you. The Chevrolet Inline Six-Cylinder Power Manual, by Leo Santucci, is a valuable resource. Containing 150 pages with over 400 photos of engine blocks and parts, charts, diagrams, a resource guide, and part number lists, the manual is a great starting point for the engine builder looking to get more power out of the six for the street or strip and is quite the "encyclopedia" for the straight-six enthusiast.

Containing information on everything from the engine block to performance parts and providing a good visual inventory on the different modifications possible (using a wide variety of aftermarket resources) the manual illustrates the inherent advantages of the inline-six, including an entire chapter dedicated to the cylinder head, the "key element of the super 6," with the chapter following that dedicated to taking the engine a step beyond with the hybrid head.

The manual is a good visual inventory on the inline-six and what it has to offer; it does assume that anyone performing these installations has the proper equipment and engine building knowledge, such as the ability to deburr or enlarge pushrod pathways, if he or she is going to follow some of the build up instructions. However, there is still a lot of information for those who want to know about the inline-six but may never turn a wrench.

Leo Santucci has been racing inline-six Chevys for 30 years and has spent his life researching their potential. You can order the book from Motorbooks International ( -Sheila Wright

New Digs For Sean Murphy Induction
Sean Murphy Induction combines forces with Wheelers Speed Shop in Huntington Beach, California, to offer both custom street rod fabrication and repair with dynamic fuel management systems for street and track performance vehicles. Sean Murphy Induction's experience and innovation in the tuning market has been developed over the last 15 years.

With a strong presence in the domestic performance market, Sean Murphy Induction will focus on performance tuning of Rochester and Holley carburetors, along with specialty fuel injection programming. For more information contact Sean Murphy Induction, 17662 Metzler Lane, Dept. CT, Huntington Beach, CA 92647; (714) 842-1881; or Fax (714) 842-1588.

Buying Vehicles From "Death Row"
Speaking of scrappage, a new California Air Resources Board (CARB) e-mail notification program provides consumers the opportunity to buy scrapped vehicles, or parts from those vehicles, before they are destroyed.

The new program not only notifies interested parties of a vehicle's potential scrappage free of charge, it also provides a substantial waiting period before its destruction. If a person requests to see a scrapped vehicle, the period until the vehicle's destruction can be extended as much as one week. Previously, cars and trucks could be destroyed as soon as they were inspected and the necessary paperwork was processed, precluding any vehicle rescue or parts sales.

"This automatic e-mail notification system represents a significant opportunity to hobbyists looking for specific vehicles and parts," said Frank Bohanan, SEMA technical consultant. "When combined with SEMA's success in limiting the types of parts which must be destroyed under these programs, this advance notice about vehicles destined for scrappage will help improve the availability of unique parts which would have otherwise been lost forever."

The CARB e-mail program will automatically send a list of the vehicle's make, model, and year to interested parties, whenever a vehicle is scheduled to be received at a dismantler's facility. The e-mail message will include the dismantler's location as well as the time when the vehicle is scheduled to arrive.