Your editor at large had a neat little F-1 pickup a while back that a number of tech articles were written about. So this time we are going to take a look at a couple of ideas that can be done with the original F-series truck. As will be the case with many of these sketchpads, we will illustrate a couple of themes, usually one with a traditional flavor and another with more contemporary cues.

The F-1 line began with the '48 model and ended with the '52. It's interesting that Ford thought it was important enough to give this line a facelift with the '51, as usually only the passenger cars were treated to frequent updates. We thought we would showcase one of each (early and late) version...RIZ

Our maroon pickup has mostly tried and true custom touches. Let's start with the paint. Maroon was a popular color for custom cars in the '50s, and it's easy to see why-dark, rich and, hopefully, nice and shiny. Being an original Ford truck color only seems to make it a natural! The stock bench seat has received the pleat treatment; white would be the obvious choice, so let's say ours is black (what a wild man!). I think leaving the interior rather utilitarian only adds to the charm, although hiding A/C and a modern sound system in there would not be out of the question. Throw in a swan-neck nostalgia shifter from Lokar for more period style. An IFS setup would certainly make cruising much more enjoyable along with being able to achieve a stance not easily attainable with such a truck back in the day. While a super-low stance probably would not have been seen, who cares-it looks bitchin'! Anything from a tricked out flathead to a more modern overhead-valve Ford mated to a C-6 trans would be the perfect fuel for the fire. To make it sit as low as shown you will need to step the frame in back, but heck, you didn't think you'd be done in a weekend anyway, did you? Anyway, sit this on some chrome steelies with Merc caps, whitewall slicks in back and tall skinnies in front, throw on that hillbilly crash helmet and your best overalls, and go take a drive!