1955 Chevy Cameo
Herb Prechtl
San Marcos, California

Fellow left-coaster and Classic Trucks reader Herb Prechtl recently dropped me a line with a few images of his good-lookin' 1955 Chevy Cameo. Herb, who's shared his technical prowess with fellow Source Interlink Media editors in the past (while working for Classic Chevy 5-Speed in Carlsbad, California) finally got around to sharing some pics of his personal project and we're happy he did.

According to Herb, his homebuilt pride-and-joy is really a 1955-1956-1957-1958-1965-1984-1992-1996 Chevy truck. It looks like Herb combined a 1958 Chevy frame and cab with 1956 front fenders, a 1957 hood, a pair of 1965 Pontiac bucket seats, and a 1955 Cameo bed and grille. Under the hood sits a 1996 Chevy 350ci 350hp small-block backed by an 1984 Chevy truck five-speed trans and a 3.56:1 Posi rearend. Herb also used the front suspension, ZR1 springs, and four-wheel disc brakes from a 1992 Corvette as well as a quartet of American Torq-Thrust D five-spokes. Talk about recipe for success, looks like Herb whipped up a winner. Thanks for sharing Herb, maybe we'll cross paths somewhere in So Cal.

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