13. The lower collar is tightened first. I lined it up with the mark I made on the shaft. This collar and bearing plate will be recessed into the bottom of the Column Saver support.

14. Pushing the support, upper bearing plate, and lock ring all down onto the lower one will load up the support on the bearing plates and hide the lower lock ring. Then tighten the upper lock ring.

15. Assembled and ready to install into the tube. A short 10/32 screw retains the support.

16. Here's the Column Saver support in place within the steering column tube and secured with the 10/32 machine screw. I'm glad I went with the splined shaft. I like how this all came out.

17. With the column mocked in place, I put the U-joints on the shafts and measured between them to see how long of a piece of Double D shaft I was going to need. Turned out it was 31/2-inches worth. I slid it into the U-joints and centered it, then tightened the two set screws on the flat area to mark their location.

18. Next I removed the shaft, center punched the impressions made by the 5/16-inch set screws, and drilled an indentation into the shaft with a 5/16-inch drill. These will help keep the shaft locked into the U-joints once the set screws and their lock nuts are tight.

19. After final positioning, this is where the steering wheel and column ended up. I like my steering wheel just off my leg so I can sit my hand on my knee area and drive comfortably. My bench seat is also mounted right to the floor, no stock moveable seat tracks anymore.

20. I also made a new floor fill out of a piece of aluminum. I hole-sawed a 11/2-inch hole for the steering column and two 7/8-inch holes to form the brake pedal opening. The small tab was welded on the column tube for lower support and will have a 1/4-inch bolt securing it.

21. Here we have the final fit. The steering column, U-joints, double D shaft, and steering wheel have all been fit and checked.

22. After I was satisfied with the fit and had welded on the lower tab, I stripped it down and sent it out for sandblasting. Next I'll get some primer on it and get it and the other needed pieces ready for paint.

23. With the column tube finally painted red, I reassembled it for the last time and gave the small bearing plates within the Billet Column Saver a good coat of white grease as it all went back together.

24. Mid Fifty F-100 Parts got me all set up with everything I needed for the top of the steering column: a new reproduction steering wheel, the required pieces to hold the horn button in place, a new turn signal mechanism, and chrome lever to actuate it.

25. I'm really happy with how this came out. It is basically a new column, and the turn-signal switch, steering wheel, and horn button are all new reproductions from Mid Fifty F-100 Parts. Now I can cruise with my hand resting on my knee comfortably with a custom steering column you don't see all the time.

Mid-Fifty F-100 Parts
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Golden Valley
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