1967 Ford F-100

Robert Walker

Ever since Robert Walker first set his eyes on this 1967 F-100 at an egg farm in north Alabama nearly 30 years ago, he was determined to become the next owner of this classic. In November of 2011, his dream came true. The yellow farm truck was for sale and Robert quickly became its new proud owner. Within weeks, he placed his truck in the skilled hands of Jerry Williams, a longtime classic car restorer.

During the next several months, the pickup underwent a complete frame-off restoration and was repainted in its original Springtime Yellow color. To complete the restoration project, Robert took his prized pickup to owner Edwin Bellew of Highland Auto Service in order to replace its worn-out 360 V-8. Edwin easily convinced Robert that his ’67 “deserved” a quality engine that mirrored the quality bodywork. Needless to say, within a few weeks this yellow beauty was upgraded with a 390 V-8 Jasper powerplant. Now, Robert’s truck is alive and well inside and out!