1950 Ford F-1

Dave White
Plano, Texas

Dave White found this baby on a back road while out for a cruise with his dad and brother. He’d jokingly said before they went out that he might happen to see an old truck on the side of the road that he’d just have to buy. Dave swears that no less than 10 minutes later they stumbled upon this F-1 with a for-sale sign in its window. They asked a guy on the property if it was his and he said “No, but the owner will be here any minute!” Guess it was meant to be, so Dave bought it the next day. So far, Dave’s done basic maintenance stuff: fluid change, brakes, tires, and as a bonus he added the cool retro-style door graphics.

The pickup still runs an 8BA 239ci flathead, four-speed straight-cut gearbox, and the stock rearend. Dave says everyone asks when he’s putting in late-model running gear. He answers, “How many trucks do you see these days that HAVEN’T had the motor swapped?” That said, he has tossed around the idea of restoring it, but it has so much character he’s just gonna enjoy driving it as it is.