1965 GMC C10

Eric & Nancy Brolund
Tucson, Arizona

Dave Brolund just recently finished this good-looking GMC in memory of his dad who passed away in 1987. Eric’s dad had owned a ’66 Chevy pickup that Eric was lucky enough to inherit. Unfortunately in a fit of temporary insanity he sold it a few years later. In 2007 he ran across this bone-stock GMC that reminded him of the ol’ Chevy so he decided to buy it and rebuild it as he would liked to have done to the original pickup.

Dave completely redid the GMC from top to bottom, installing a 385-horse 350 backed by a 700-R4, power steering, disc brakes, air conditioning, fresh bodywork and paint, and brand-new bed wood and strips – all on his own (with his better half’s blessing) in his home garage.