Jim McGrew’s entry into the classic truck hobby began with his purchase of a ’72 Chevy C-10. The pickup was in great shape and Jim thought it’d be the perfect basis for a cool rodstoration project. To get his creative juices flowing Jim began reading copies of CLASSIC TRUCKS magazine to get an idea of what was hot in the world of classic pickups. One of the first things Jim noticed though, was the large majority of both feature and tech install articles that revolved around short bed trucks, not long beds like the two-tone green and white ’72 he’d just purchased. He mulled over his situation—should he consider tackling the enormous task of shortening the pickup frame and swapping out the bed for a short version or, cut his losses and see if he could turn the long bed and find a short bed pickup and go from there? Well, he decided on the latter choice and began searching the Internet for a more suitable subject. It didn’t take too long before he ran across a restoration project gone dormant and was able to make a deal with the seller that made both parties happy. Jim ended up with a partially restored ’69 C-10 short bed along with a pile of yet installed new parts, and the seller a small handful of cash.

With his new find back home, Jim began the rodstoration where the previous owner had left off (fresh body and paint work and a partially restored interior). Since the bodywork and paint were complete Jim started working on the truck’s foundation. The front end was treated to a rebuild and a pair of Early Classic Enterprises 2 ½-inch drop spindles, a pair of Bell Tech shocks, and 2-inch drop coil springs. A set of 12-inch cross-drilled rotors and new calipers were next as was a new close-ratio steering box. Out back Jim retained the original 12-bolt but did replace the springs with a pair of 5-inch drop units and another pair of Bell Tech shocks. Jim also added an aluminum No Limit fuel tank between the rear framerails as well.

Power for the pickup came with the installation of a fresh Chevy LT-4 V-8 which Jim dressed in a slew of Street & Performance accessories and brightwork. A 4L60E overdrive automatic was bolted to the back of the LT engine and a custom driveshaft used to connect the powerplant to the 12-bolt. With the chassis and mechanicals handled, Jim chose a set of Intro Twisted Vista 20-inch wheels and BFGoodrich G-Force radials as rolling stock and added a matching Tornado Red Gaylord’s bed cover to the pickups freshly worked and painted body.

The pickups interior was then completed using a pair of bucket seats and a custom owner fabricated rear seat panel all covered in black and white hounds tooth upholstery. A set of Auto Meter custom gauges were installed in a brushed aluminum cluster panel, as was a three-spoke Early Classic steering wheel and a complete Alpine stereo system.

As you can plainly see, Jim did a great job on the C-10’s rodstoration but he stressed that it would have been a much larger task if it weren’t for the help of long-time pals John Leachman, Stu and Kelly Mitchell, and Rich Mauerman. CT