Because Erick put that clip on the front of the truck before his business trip, his son survived what could have been a tragic accident. This motivated him to move forward on the build, doing all of the paint and bodywork with the help of Joel Nelson of 1320 Designs in Phoenix, but left that ding in the front end to remind him of that scary day. Just a few months later, the interior and bed were completed, and Erick was driving the truck down the road with his son riding shotgun.

It’s not every day that a truck makes a huge impact on your life, but for Erick this C10 is now just as much a part of the family as his wife and sons. Other projects will come and go over the next few years, but Erick isn’t getting rid of this truck anytime soon.CT

Erick Anderson
Gilbert, Arizona
1965 Chevrolet C10

Frame: stock ’65 Chevrolet C10
Modifications: back-halved rear frame, Z’d front crossmember
Rearend / Ratio: ’73 Chevrolet Silverado / 3.50
Rear Suspension: three-link, airbags
Rear Brakes: stock ’73 drum
Front Suspension: stock sway bar, NAPA front shocks, airbags
Front Brakes: ’73 Chevrolet disc, CPP power disc master cylinder
Front Wheels: 15x7 Astro Supremes
Rear Wheels: 15x7 Astro Supremes
Front Tires: 205/75R15 Tigerpaw
Rear Tires: 205/75R15 Tigerpaw
Gas Tank: Chevrolet Suburban gas tank located underneath the bed

Engine: 283 Chevrolet V-8
Heads: stock
Valve Covers: finned
Manifold / Induction: Edelbrock / Holley 600-cfm carburetor
Ignition: MSD HEI
Headers: stock, cast-iron
Exhaust / Mufflers: custom exhaust
Transmission: Chevrolet 700-R4 automatic
Modifications: Corvette servos and shift kit

Style: Chevrolet C10 shortbed Fleetside
Fenders Front: stock
Hood: stock
Grille: custom
Bed: custom bed floor cover with custom-built trunk
Bodywork and Paint By: Joel Nelson, 1320 Designs in Phoenix
Paint Type / Color: semi-flat champagne with white scallops
Headlights / Taillights: stock
Bumpers: N.O.S. chromed

Dashboard: pinstriped and painted
Gauges: stock
Air Conditioning: Vintage Air A/C
Stereo: Kenwood CD Player, Kenwood amplifier, Kenwood 6x9 3-ways
Steering Wheel: Chevrolet Deluxe
Steering Column: stock
Seats: factory bench seat, white vinyl with diamond tuck panels
Upholstery By: Larcar Upholstery, Mesa, AZ
Material / Color: vinyl / white
Carpet: black loop