Before the rolling chassis could be disassembled, everything had to be fitted. Good thing they did too, as some adjustments were necessary, such as shortening the front and rear of the frame and where the engine sat. Remember, this is a prototype TCI frame built up in the early ’00s without the body on hand so some adjustments were most assuredly expected. Pick’s Racing customized an air cleaner from Street Performance, and to dress up the engine Randy decided to add Street & Performance pulley kit that was all polished aluminum. After the engine was set in place, Steve made a custom core support and had a custom radiator made by Mattson’s Custom Radiator in Stanton, California. They built a triple-pass radiator with AN fittings, all aluminum polished with a single fan.

To add the finishing touches, Rod Sexton in Orange, California, built a nice set of custom headers, using 2.25-inch tubing feeding into a 3-inch exhaust—all the tubes are polished stainless steel. Randy then added custom, high-performance, polished stainless steel mufflers from Bassani.

The fiberglass bedside panels had to be reinforced so they wouldn’t move and would line up correctly. Once the cab, fenders, doors, bed, sheetmetal, and fiberglass bedsides were fitted and everything was rechecked, then everything came apart again for painting. Choosing the right color was the easy part as blue is Randy’s favorite color. Randy spent a lot of time wandering through different dealerships until he finally found the perfect shade: Nautical Blue. He then had Fountain Valley Paint do their magic and mix up enough paint for the Cameo. Randy handed the pain cans over to Mick Jenkins at So-Cal Speed Shop who performed the outstanding paintjob. It came out “looking like a million bucks,” according to Randy (we couldn’t agree more). “Thanks to all the great work that Mick and Paco Castell did. Paco is a perfectionist when it comes to the details.”

After the paintjob, the truck went to Eclipse Engineering in Whittier, California, to have all the electrical work done, and to wire up the solenoids for the Ride Tech suspension. Steve Sbelgio was called upon for his excellent electrical work.

Gabe’s Street Rods Custom Interiors in San Bernardino, California, did a beautiful job with the interior. It is done in all leather, two-toned, in light and medium gray. Randy chose a Glide bench as a base and Gabe customized and shaped it for maximum driver comfort. The custom door panels and headliner are where Gabe did his magic with his interior design.

Aaron at Foothill Fabrication in Corona, California, did an excellent job with the final assembly. Aaron and Scott carefully went over the frame from front to rear to make sure the bolts, nuts, and fasteners were all the same, and either polished or chromed. They went over all the sheetmetal to make sure everything lined up perfectly.

“Ten years is a long time to work on this project. I’m happy the final product came out so well,” Randy said. CT

Randy Ito

Mission Viejo, California
1955 Chevrolet Cameo


Frame: TCI
Modifications: all-new frame
Rearend / Ratio: Currie 9” polished aluminum third member / 3.50:1 w/ Eaton Truetrac
Rear suspension: TCI stainless four-link
Rear brakes: Wilwood 12”
Front suspension: TCI IFS
Front brakes: Wilwood 10”
Steering box: Polished rack
Front wheels: Budnik Fontana 18x8
Rear wheels: Budnik Fontana 18x10
Front tires: Pirelli P- Zero 235/40ZR18
Rear tires: Pirelli P- Zero 285/50ZR18
Gas tank: stainless and polished


Engine: Chevy 548ci (768hp) Donovan aluminum block, polished
Heads: AFR, polished
Valve covers: aluminum, polished
Manifold / Induction: Edelbrock, polished / Edelbrock 850-cfm
Ignition: MSD
Headers: custom by Rod Sexton
Exhaust / Mufflers: 2.25” to 3” polished stainless tubing w/ Bassani mufflers
Transmission: Turbo 400, fully polished
Modifications: 2,500-stall converter w/ 3-inch polished aluminum driveshaft
Shifter: Lokar


Style: Chevy Cameo
Fenders front: modified stock
Hood: modified stock
Grille: modified stock
Bed: custom metal sheets raised for rearend travel
Paint by: Mick Jenkins at So-Cal Speed Shop
Paint type / Color: DuPont / Nautical Blue
Headlights / Taillights: stock, polished
Outside mirrors: billet aluminum
Bumpers: modified stock


Dashboard: stock, smoothed
Gauges: Classic Instruments
Air conditioning: Vintage Air
Stereo: Alpine
Steering wheel: Budnik
Steering column: CPP
Seat: custom bench
Upholstery by: Gabe’s Street Rods Custom Interiors
Material / Color: leather / light gray and medium gray
Carpet: custom gray