Forty years is a long time to own anything, even a classic pickup. But Paul Avina's owned this '71 Chevy since it was brand spankin' new. In fact, he ordered it special from the dealership. For 33 of those years the C10 served faithfully as a daily driver and an occasional workhorse. Then, about seven or so years ago when the Chevy was getting a bit long in the tooth, Paul decided that he'd rather go through it than replace it. What started out as a bit of mechanical refurbishing morphed-as it often does-into more of a rodstoration than restoration. And the finished product is the awesome Cheyenne you see here.

Once the decision was made to stray a bit from its stock form Paul started by C-notching the rear framerails in anticipation of installing a RideTech air-ride system all around. Along with the air ride, a quartet of gas Afco shocks was added as well as a 36-inch adjustable antiroll bar. Up front, he installed a pair of Early Classic drop spindles and front sway bar, too. Once the chassis had been upgraded to his satisfaction, 18-inch Boyd Coddington wheels were wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber as the finishing touch.

Paul had his brother, Roy, go through the truck's original 350 not only giving it a new lease on life but squeezing a bit more horsepower out of it as well. The small-block Chevy was fitted with a Weiand aluminum water pump and flex fan, and an Edelbrock intake and 600-cfm carburetor. Also added were a new GM HEI ignition, a set of coated Sanderson headers, and a stainless exhaust system including a pair of MagnaFlow mufflers. Backing the muscular Mouse motor is an Evergreen Transmission-prepped TH350, which doles out the horses to a GM 12-bolt rearend.

The exterior was brought back to pristine shape with the only bit of customizing being the addition of a frenched antenna, a custom billet grille, and some billet turn and parking lights. The truck was also treated to a fresh PPG Forest Green paintjob by S&M Commercial Body. The interior received equal attention and was reupholstered in a combo of green vinyl and cloth by John's Upholstery in San Jose, California.

Paul's done a heck of a great job on the C10's rodstoration and, at this point, the pickup is ready for another 40 years worth of road time.

S. Paul Avina Jr.
San Martin, California
1971 Chevy C10

CHASSIS FRAME: modified stock
MODIFICATIONS: C'd rear 'rails
REAREND / RATIO: GM 12-bolt / 3.73:1
REAR SUSPENSION: RideTech air ride, Afco shocks
FRONT SUSPENSION: GM IFS, drop spindles, RideTech air ride, Afco shocks
FRONT WHEELS: 18x8 Boyd Coddington Smoothies
REAR WHEELS: 18x9 Boyd Coddington Smoothies
GAS TANK: stock