It's been said that if something's worth doing it's worth doing right. Well, Danny Miles' truck has been done right and you might even walk right by it and not think anything has been modified. Pro builders will say that's an ultimate compliment when you put 100 hours into a fender that looks stock until you set it next to a factory part. It's the subtle and well-executed changes that will catch the eye of a trained judge. In high-end car shows the smallest details can make or break the overall outcome of a Top 5 winner.

Danny's first run-in with the truck was in 1999 when Dick Bales, the previous owner, brought it to the Run to the Sun car show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where the pickup was picked Truck of the Year. Danny, and everyone else in the crowd, wished they could take it home. So, with the dream of one day owning the truck, Danny set out to have the '56 in his hands. With luck on his side Bales just happened to be selling the truck and Danny waisted no time expressing his interest in the truck.

Danny could now bring it home and pamper it just like the builder Don Jacks from Street Metal Fabrications in Greenville. Around that same year the truck was constructed and it is still standing the test of time. The Ford is unique and different because of the amount of details that were put into each and every body panel. Details like the front bumper with the turn signals tucked neatly inside and the hood pancaked to sit a little lower, as well as the handmade running boards with front fenders that have been shortened an inch. The rear fenders have also been widened 2 inches in the front and 2 1/2 inches in the back, with an inch taken out of the running boards. This was done to bring the running boards up closer to the fender.

I think the most important pieces on this truck are the items that you have to find. The rearend is one of those items because it's not every day you see an IRS Corvette suspension or the stroked Chevy big-block that is now a 468ci monster. Perfect Circle .30 pistons with COMP Cams .562 flat-tappet cam help lay the tire-burning rubber down to the ground. A Mallory distributor with 8.5mm spark plug wires was used around a set of Sanderson headers coated in Jet-Hot silver treatment. The rest of the exhaust is completed with a 3-inch dual stainless exhaust. A Turbo 400 trans with a TCI 3,000-stall torque converter made automatic shifting a blast. Danny plans on taking it to several shows near South Carolina, so look out for this green beauty.

Danny R. Miles
Florence, South Carolina
1956 Ford F-100

FRAME: smoothed and painted, added rear X-members, remounted radiator support, rear sway bar on the top frame
MODIFICATIONS: frame done by Don Jacks from Greenville, SC
REAR SUSPENSION: Bilstein Shocks
REAR BRAKES: Corvette Disc
FRONT BRAKES: Corvette Disc
STEERING BOX: '72 Chevy van Mustang II rack
FRONT WHEELS: 18-inch Genuine Boyds
REAR WHEELS: 20-inch Genuine Boyds
FRONT TIRES: Yokohama (letters removed)
REAR TIRES: Yokohama (letters removed)
GAS TANK: custom made by Don Jacks