It was finally getting time to design the wheels and Tom already had a vintage, magnesium, Indy-inspired race-style wheel design in mind. Tom searched around on the Internet and found out no one made such a wheel to fit the C-10. So with the idea in his head for a unique set of custom wheels Tom called up Mike Curtis of Curtis Speed Wheels and a beautiful set of six-lug 19x7 front and 20x9 rear Indy-style one-off wheels were designed and fabricated to his specifications. Tom got a lot of push back on the six-lug arrangement, but he didn't want to copy the Indy wheel exactly so he used the stock Chevy six-lug pattern instead of the five-lug Indy pattern.

Moving on to the interior, the only major hurdle was fitting the Hurst shifter and five-speed Tremec trans under the stock floor. So a custom trans tunnel was fabricated by So-Cal Speed Shop to accommodate the lack of room in the original floor. In '67 the original owner of the truck had the option of having a radio, passenger sunvisor, and passenger mirrors-none of the extra options were chosen. With a radio not existing in the truck the only source of music is the throaty rumble of the powerful LS motor.

So-Cal finished the truck up and shipped to Holley just in time for the Power Tour. The timing was so close that we didn't have any time for shakedown. Tom said that duties at work kept him from joining the first part of the tour, but when they came through Bowling Green he jumped in the C-10 and drove the rest of the Power Tour to Mobile, Alabama. During the tour the C-10 was driven over 2,600 trouble-free miles, thanks to the Holley fuel injection and quality craftsmanship. Tom plans to drive to the West Coast during the summer and take the truck to many other events, including big shows like SEMA. Hopefully you will get a chance to see the Holley shop truck in person.

Tom Tomlinson / Holley Performance Parts
Bowling Green, Kentucky
1967 Chevrolet C-10
CHASSIS FRAME: modified stock
MODIFICATIONS: custom raised crossmembers
REAREND / RATIO: 9-inch Ford / 3.50:1
REAR SUSPENSION: trailing arms, So-Cal coilovers, CPP crossmember
REAR BRAKES: Baer disc
FRONT SUSPENSION: CPP tubular A-arms, drop spindles, and springs
FRONT WHEELS: 19x7 Curtis Speed Wheels (one-off)
REAR WHEELS: 20x9 Curtis Speed Wheels (one-off)
FRONT TIRES: 255/45ZR19 Goodyear RSA
REAR TIRES: 265/50ZR20 Goodyear RSA
GAS TANK: Rock Valley
HEADS: LS3 with Vintage Air front runner pulley system
VALVE COVERS: LS3 with custom big-block–style coil covers
MANIFOLD: GMPP multiport 4 BBL
IGNITION: GM coil packs with Holley HP ECU
HEADERS: Hooker Headers (prototype)
EXHAUST / MUFFLERS: custom combination 2½ and 3-inch / Hooker Aero Chamber
TRANSMISSION: Bowler/Tremec TKO 600
MODIFICATIONS: Spec Stage III clutch, Quick Time bellhousing