When Phil West set out to build his '64 Chevy C-10 he had one main goal: make a truck that would do it all-tow a trailer, be fast in a straight line, and look really good doing it. He nailed it in all areas, including the go-fast department.

Phil had a friend who needed a place to store his '64 Chevy C-10 for a few weeks. The weeks turned into months, and months into a year. Finally, Phil got tired of seeing the trailer with truck carcass and offered his friend some much needed cash for the two. He didn't have to go far to get the C-10-it was already in his yard.

The truck was in OK shape but nothing to be proud of. The next step was to inspect the body for repairs. On the short list were the front fenders and the tailgate. Luckily, swap meets in California are filled with hard-to-find parts (most of the time the parts you're not looking for). "It took three different trucks to complete the bodywork and make one solid cab," he says.

With the body figured out, it was time to tackle the frame and suspension. Phil put some good old elbow grease to the rusty old frame and sanded it to bare metal. While the frame was bare metal, the frontend was upgraded with Classic Performance Parts' front IFS kit. Then Phil sent the rear 12-bolt rearend to Ross at Wilson and Bell Automotive in Ontario, California, to install 3:73 gears plus posi. Attaching the rear axle to the frame was a CPP 4-inch drop coil with 2-inch lowering block kit. Phil also purchased a CPP rear disc upgrade.

Choosing the color was left up to Diane at Betz Speed and Color in Orange. "I told her I wanted it to look like red lipstick or nail polish." Diane came out with a few colors but we both were starstruck by the '00 Toyota Supra Red. The bodywork and paint was done by Nacho at Coachwerks in Long Beach. A '67 Chevy CST bench-bucket seat was reworked by Francisco's Upholstery and covered in black leather along with the door panels.

A GM Ramjet 502 was purchased and fit nice and snug underhood. Phil had the intake powdercoated to get rid of the store-bought motor look. A Turbo 400 with a Gear Venders overdrive unit was attached, helping with the long trips and overall driveability. For Phil the drivetrain is what makes it fun to drive, and trust me when I say he drives it hard. The last major trip he went on was the 2008 Power Tour. Phil drove the truck the whole time and became one of the long haulers, traveling roughly 1,700 miles round-trip. With that said we would like to thank Phil for getting out and abusing the truck with smokey burnouts.

Phil West
Norco, California
1964 Chevy C-10

REARED / RATIO: GM 12 bolt / 3.83 posi
REAR SUSPENSION: CPP 4-inch drop spring
FRONT WHEELS: Boyd Coddington, Nemesis
REAR WHEELS: Boyd Coddington, Nemesis
FRONT TIRES: 255/50R17 Falken Ziex
REAR TIRES: 275/50R17 Falken Ziex