Have you ever been to Home Depot when there's a sale you just can't pass up? That's exactly what happened to Kevin Lawrence of Parker, Colorado. But in his case it wasn't a sale on wood or kitchen supplies, it was a '56 Chevy 3100 Stepside. As you can see it turned out to be a fantastic sale indeed. Here's how it came to be as sweet as it is today.

Growing up in California both Kevin and his wife, Janet, seemed to always be in the garage either watching or helping out their dads with their cars. From changing the oil to replacing the alternator and getting new belts, pretty much anything they could reach or get their little hands on, dad would let them give it a whirl. "Every weekend I would clean the cars to a shine. Some would say it's a chore but to me it was another weekend with dad and his cool car," Kevin says. He had everything from Chevys to VWs, anything he thought was cool he drove. Now many years down the road and four kids of his own, he has the same drive and enjoyment from cars and trucks. Kevin bought a '66 VW thinking it would keep one of his teenagers out of trouble and races being that it was super slow. He ended up finishing it up for himself tossing out the 1,600cc motor, throwing in a 2,214 cc and making it a total showstopper. "I now own two VWs that sport the Cali look and are little speed demons, but I wanted something different," Kevin says.

After all the children graduated high school, Kevin and Janet decided they wanted to move to Colorado and change things up a bit. Change it up they did, by moving to the small but steadily growing town of Parker. After getting all settled in Kevin decided he wanted to finish out his basement and needed to make a little trip to Home Depot. Well, while on this trip for building supplies and materials Kevin found his dream truck sitting in the parking lot. "I had way too much stuff in the back of my truck to stop and look," Kevin says. After beating himself up over night for not stopping to take a quick gander at it he decided to go back the next day to see if it was still there. As luck has it the '56 was sitting there again calling his name. Not taking a chance to pass up on his dream truck Kevin scooped that baby up right there and the ride began.

Kevin was enjoying driving around in the truck with the rusted fenders singing "Green Acres" and whistling the Andy Griffith Show theme song, but he just wasn't reaching his destinations on time and nowhere near fast enough." It was like I was in a parade as everyone was passing me by and waving good-bye," Kevin says. It was time to make some calls and get this show on the road. Naturally just moving to Colorado Kevin didn't know much about any local hot rod-type shops around so he decided to give his friends at Goodfella's Rod and Custom in Camarillo, California, a call. He wanted this truck to be unique and his own. "I wanted this truck to be super nice, low, and fast with all the goodies I was used to," Kevin says. Then after talking with Michael Cox of Goodfella's they came up with some great ideas to get this build off the ground. In October of 2006 the truck was off to Goodfella's for a total overhaul.