Up until this particular project, NorCal resident Eddie Ames was more likely found behind the wheel-or better yet, beneath the hood wrenching and tuning-of a 5.0L Mustang. When asked "why" he chose an F-1 pickup, or rather this particular one, he initially said it was due to it already having a Mustang II frontend, but later admitted the "big, bubbly fenders" had a lot to do with it. Well, regardless of whether it was aesthetically or mechanically motivated (we're pretty sure the transplanted 283 Chevy played no part!), the fact of the matter is that he chose a classic truck, period.

Along with the obvious intent of putting the F-1 back to being Ford powered (5.0L 302, as you probably figured), Eddie wanted the truck to be somewhat of a family tribute. For starters, the pickup shares the same birth year as his father-1949-and the color, PPG Sun Burst, is a reminder of his grandmother ... more precisely, her burnt orange hair.

After he'd yanked the previous powerplant, Eddie installed a fuel-injected V-8 from a wrecked '92 Mustang LX along with a C4 automatic. Wanting to excrete even more ponies out of the Ford, a healthy cam, Trick Flow aluminum heads, and a Pro Charger D1 supercharger were added. Following that, Eric Weatherbe at E-Dub Structural Steel (San Luis Obispo, California) built a custom exhaust incorporating Flowmaster three-chamber mufflers. The IFS'd chassis was completed with a full-air suspension by Carlos Rodriguez (R&A Accessories).

For the body and paint, Kevin Gallagher (Oil Farm Customs) and Brandon Penserini (Altissimo Auto Body) handled everything-from the mild custom modifications to the above-mentioned Sun Burst Orange with House of Kolor flake accents. In somewhat of a contrast to the performance-based drivetrain, the exterior exuberates a near period-perfect nostalgia look, especially with the painted steelies with wide whites (the rears being piecrust sidewall cheater slicks) and black tuck 'n' roll tonneau cover.

The only thing really left for Eddie to tackle is finishing up the interior-that is, if he can park the F-1 long enough to do it, as he admits to driving the '49 every chance he gets!