How many times have we told ourselves, "I'll never do that again!"? More often than not, this type of resolution immediately follows some sort of life-altering event-and we're not talking about the positive kind, either. But just as quickly as the vow's made, it's usually broken, isn't that right?

In the case of Andy and Patty Heintzelman, just after witnessing their '56 T-Bird burn to the ground on their way home from Bakersfield (where they'd spent the weekend watching vintage drags at the March Meet) to Ramona, California, Andy vowed he was "done with the car hobby". As wives typically know their husbands better than they do, she just laughed and gave it a month before he was right back in the thick of things. She was right. Upon coming to terms with his automotive addiction, Andy made a compromise of sorts, saying he'd look for something "finished" this time around. Patty knew better, and before long, the pieces of a '55 F-100 filled their garage.

Fully aware that his compulsions had consumed him-and better yet, accepting and admitting fact-Andy sat down with his loving wife and had a little talk...about how they were going to build the F-100! It was agreed they would follow a traditional style, one reminiscent of what you might find featured in R&C's "little pages" back in the 1950s. And with the subsequent help from friends Norm Saumure and Jack Petit (along with paintwork by Sun Valley Auto Body and graphics by Rick Morgan), that vintage vision became a retro reality.

We've got our fingers crossed in hopes that this project doesn't fall victim to an early demise-but as far as any future projects go, well, that's entirely up to Andy and how he deals with his addiction from here on out!