Whether it's because we've been doing it since the very beginning or simply because it's "right," driving an automobile sitting on the left side while driving on the right side of the road just seems ... right! But don't tell that to those blokes over 'cross the pond, as they not only do things completely opposite, but they'll tell you that's the right way to do it! Well, no matter what, there is one thing we do agree on-cool classic trucks.

And even if one as cool as Colin Parker's '56 F-100 has been purposely reversed, it doesn't erase the fact that he chose to own what the British commonly refer to as a "Yank." Searing yellow paint and overall fine craftsmanship aside, that left-to-right conversion just may be one of the more impressive features of Parker's Ford pickup. Thanks to Paul Burnham at Burnham Autos in Gravesend, Kent, England, that (as well as doing the entire build) came to be by using a Jaguar RHD independent front suspension, power steering, brakes, and all (it also dictated quite a bit of modification to the dash). Possibly more important than fitting and working correctly, the end result is a modern-handling feel and ride. Maybe those Brits aren't as out of their minds as we thought-at least not the hot rod guys!

Beyond the RHD transformation, though, Colin's Ford is much like an American version-polished Americans, the aforementioned Audi Yellow paint, black leather interior, and big-block Ford power. As a whole, the job accomplished by the crew at Burnham Autos is nothing short of top notch, period.