Of his three sons, the eldest, John "Johnny Rotten" Robinson, inherited the bulk of the hot rod blood. While other kids his age were out riding BMx bikes or playing primitive video games, John was cutting his teeth in the garage and eventually in the shop. he was also getting a firsthand taste of NHRA drag racing, often as no child should witness, thanks in part to his father's close relationship with another famed builder, Li'l John Buttera, among other things. afterschool, weekends, and vacation time weren't spent at the beach, summer camp, or anything like that-until he was 18, John worked with his dad in his free time. That continued beyond high school, but at the age of 23, John's future made a complete 180-degree turn. instead of living hand to mouth, he chose a more secure path for his budding family by becoming a crane maintenance mechanic, which he still does to this day, 17 years later. Like his father decades prior, John now spends his evenings, weekends, and a fair share of vacations in the garage- or back at Fat Jack's.

Despite the fact that John didn't follow his dad's career path to become a full-time builder, he did carry on the traits of his father-well-engineered, well-built, and well-thought-out hot rods...and classic trucks. and in the Fat Jack's tradition, everything he touches should be driven, and driven hard. hislatest project, a '37 Ford pickup, was recently photographed with a Ford F-100 that Jack built nearly 20 years ago (a simple swap of the wheels and tires is pretty much all that's been done since) for customer danny shaffer. Styling characteristics aside, the similarity of fit and finish as well as execution are clearly evident between the two. as an example of the caliber of the trucks, shaffer's '56 was featured on the cover of hot Rod (how often do they put classic trucks on the cover?) in the early '90s, while John's '37 was recently honored with a spread in The Rodder's Journal.

Be it relying on hot rods to keep food and beer on the table as Jack does (Fat Jack's Real hot Rods & Parts), or relying on hot rods as an escape from a daily routine (Johnny Rotten hot Rods), their passion is no different.