This project was three years in the making and turned out to be a very nice, very detailed truck. The group unveiled the truck at the World of Wheels ISCA show in Kansas City this past spring. The guys were like a bunch of proud papas walking around the truck. We had T-shirts made with the concept drawing on the front, and even the pastor of our church and his family came to the show. We had the truck displayed and signs describing the build and project. I overheard several comments like, "Wow, what a cool church. We should find a church like that." That was our goal, to get people thinking "church can be pretty cool."

The guys poured their hearts, souls, and money into this project. Late nights, building and rebuilding; install, take off, install again, and take off again...the typical things builders go through. Each guy now has a new appreciation of how difficult it is to build a hot rod.

At the indoor car show we met Wayne Miller, the future new owner. He immediately fell in love with the truck when he saw it. With his purchase we were able to meet our goal, pay for all the parts, and donate a substantial amount to the church. This was a very proud moment for all of us.