At Rock Brook Church, we have small groups of men, women, couples, and kids, and the Saturday morning men's group is the one responsible for the truck you see pictured here. This truck was built with a purpose: bringing a group of men and businesses together to donate time, effort, products, and money for the church, while also capturing the opportunity to bring glory to God.

This truck was a rust-free Arizona native. The Rock Brook Saturday morning men's group acquired it after deciding to take on a full-scale project. Keep in mind that this group of guys had never tackled anything like this before. This would be a project that would test each of them. They approached me about helping them through the build process, and I told them the first step was getting a concept drawing. For that, I contacted Dave Thacker and gave him my ideas. He ran with it and gave the group his vision on paper. I then contacted my friends throughout the industry to help us. After hearing the story and concept, everyone I contacted immediately came on board. We received a tremendous response.

The only thing stock on the truck is the frame, cab, and hood. We purchased all-new sheetmetal, including the bed. We chose the truck's style and color to bring out a classic '50s-60s flavor-the truck needed to make a statement. Whether people like the color or not, they will definitely stop and look. The concept had to be carried through from the wheel and tire selection to the finned air cleaner. When the project started, we decided to build it one way-the best. Using the finest parts the industry had to offer, we pulled it off, and the truck now turns heads wherever it goes. Even the taillight stands are unique. They are '32 Ford stanchions and lights with custom bed mounts. Once again, this was done simply to carry the theme across.