When it came to the Effie's 272-cid V-8 and on-the-column Synchro-Silent three-speed transmission (with a 10.5-inch hydraulic clutch), Terrence performed a basic rebuild using a combination of NAPA- and Concourse-brand engine parts. "When I rebuilt the engine, I took some liberties by installing a 2V Holley carburetor and a K&N air cleaner assembly along with a set of chrome valve covers. A set of thermal-coated Sanderson headers with Flowmaster mufflers give the truck that throaty sound I like so much."

Once the crew at Pederson's Auto Body completed the bodywork on the F-100, the truck was sprayed in DuPont Snowshoe White and Sea Haze Green. "It seemed that neither Jimmy nor I could hold back from doing our best on what originally started out to be a truck intended for weekend lumber and gravel hauling. One Sunday, he asked me if I wanted to color-sand the orange peel finish. I indicated that it really didn't make any difference and that orange peel would probably be more durable. The following Monday when I went to the shop, the hood had been polished to a show-car luster, and Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear. I didn't help matters by purchasing polished stainless steel hardware, which was far more durable than stock. It was clear at that point the F-100 was going to be far too nice for regular work duty."

Although the inside of Terrence's small-window Effie looks stock, it too has been (slightly) upgraded. "The original door panels and headliner were gray painted cardboard; not very attractive, much less very durable. I had local upholsterer Alton Starnes reupholster the seat in two-tone gray vinyl, while I redid the doors and headliner myself. My wife Linda can now see that all those long hours and dollars invested helped create something that all ages can appreciate, from young boys who think they're looking at Tow Mater from the Disney-Pixar movie Cars, to old men who drove these trucks when they were brand new. She really enjoys going to shows and explaining what was done, and in doing so, it gives us more time to spend together."

"Probably one of the more enjoyable experiences I got was when I was able to meet the Mid-Fifty Ford Parts crew in person at the F-100 Super Nationals at Knoxville. It seems everybody loves the work truck that turned into a hobby!"