Fortunately for Randy, the Dodge was all it was said to be and more. His inner fears were put to rest with the beautiful resto job previously performed by Donny Gould Restoration in Fort Lauderdale back in 1999. Of course, every new owner has to add his or her personal touch to a new acquisition, and for Randy, that came in the form of swapping out the stock 16-inch wheels for a set of smaller but rare Dodge artilleries with Coker Classic wide whites; a set of factory fender skirts; bumper guards; and the appropriate suspension lowering. The only thing left was for Randy and his girlfriend, Madelynn, to enjoy the '38 panel-for the time being.

If he hasn't done so already, Randy has further plans for the Dodge, among them a variety of collectible accessories, detailed paintwork, and more elaborate upholstery. No matter what he does, though, he'll never have to worry about getting lost in a sea of Bow Ties or Blue Ovals, that's for sure.