About 10 years ago, Dennis Burkart and his wife, Marcia, got the itch to own a cool classic truck after a decade of owning and showing their early Ford street rods. Having already owned two Model A coupes and one sedan, they began the search for the right truck. They thought they'd found it at a show in Kalamazoo, Michigan, when they saw a primered 1940 Ford, but the owner, Ray Goodman, didn't have any plans to sell it. It just so happened Ray's friend Tom Orr had a '48 F-1 for sale, and the Burkarts figured that'd do for now. The F-1 was cool, but they were still in love with that '40's curves, which they strangely wound up running into at the same show the following year. They soon found the truck was still not for sale. Since the previous year, Ray had painted it a smooth two-tone of Hugger Orange on the fenders and running boards and '94 Lexus Vanilla Shake on the cab and bed, which the Burkarts thought was amazing, but no sale! Another year passed and they saw the '40 again, but it had changed hands. Luckily for them, Tom held the title now. They approached Tom, who already knew how badly they wanted it over the last few years-he sold them the '48 when they wanted the '40 in the first place. Knowing it was going to the right home, Tom sold them the unfinished Ford, and they were more than happy to carry the torch to the end.

Dennis and Marcia already knew they wanted to finish the truck based on Ray's paint job, so they decided to deliver it into the capable hands of their friend and the owner of Lakeside Rods & Rides in Rockwell City, Iowa, Roger Burman, to take care of business. Roger started by cutting a coil out of the front springs in the Heidt's Mustang II to lower it 2 more inches while installing 2 1/2-inch lowering blocks from Chassis Engineering in the back end. Roger also boxed the frame before putting the truck back together for good. The drivetrain consists of an '02 Chevy 350 crate motor the previous owner installed and souped up with a Clay Smith cam and a matching Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and 600-cfm carb. Behind that, Roger bolted up a potent TCI Street Fighter Turbo 350 trans with their Saturday Night Special converter and a 2,000-rpm stall.