Speaking of tailgates, as nice as the Stepside bed on the '68 is, it's outta here. It'll be sold to fund the acquisition of a Fleetside shortbox, and if that can't be found I'll have to piece one together from a longbed with the help of some of our advertisers like NPD, BOTP, and Dennis Carpenter.

The twin I-beam suspension probably puts many people off since the same-era Chevys come with an IFS from the factory, but by the time you put trick A-arms, spindles, springs, steering, and whatever else on a C-10, you can start to justify the cost of the Fatman clip for the Ford. I've never been a fan of Henry's motors from the past, and I started to figure out what to do about a powerplant even before I bought this truck. I'd put a Chevy in it in a second, but I'd probably get run out of town on a rail, or worse! The late Mustang/Cobra Modular motor sounded fun and would hopefully bring reliability and parts availability to the forefront versus a vintage V-8, and of course it keeps a Ford in a Ford. This would also give me hands-on experience with an EFI swap, which might as well be brain surgery for most of us carburetor people. Luckily, there're folks like Painless Performance to help the electrically handicapped like myself. Dennis, I have your number!

I hope to hear some feedback, especially from those who have one of these Square-Fords. By the time you read this, we'll be moved into our new, improved tech center, and I'll be well past the point of no return!

Just through word of mouth there are already a few parties interested in my plan to show the C-10 fans what they'll soon be up against. Picture this-low (of course), Fleetside bed, Fatman clip and four-link, Ford 4.6 DOHC Mod motor backed by five-speed, same-period Ranger buckets, one-piece back window, all coming together in a late '60s/early '70s-style truck with a twist. Not sure about paint yet-I'd love to do something gaudy from that era. My plan is to do something different with a truck that's often overlooked but has as much potential as anything else out there.